Temperature maps: Real vs. Demonstration

Pictures We Speak (I’m sorry, I can’t remember your real name) has found the higher of these two temperature maps. The one beneath it is mine. The top one is real; the bottom one is a fake made for a technology demonstration.

Well, I’m not actually sure if it’s fake per se. The areas that are hot on the top map are also hot on the bottom map. But it doesn’t contain any information about the time period it is meant to represent, unlike the top map. For this reason, it is impossible to confirm with other weather websites whether it accurately represents any given period.

The bottom map seems like more of a show-off map than something meant to be useful; Brite (the company that made it) clearly wanted to use every color hue in the spectrum in order to make the map fancy and eye-catching. The top map uses every color as well, but only in their key–the map itself doesn’t contain anything below the “blue zone” temperatures.

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