Notes about Invisible City map

I have decided to do my Invisible City map of the Taco Bueno across the street to the west of the university. Taco Bueno is probably not as exotic or exciting as some of the places other students are mapping. It’s not distinctive to Oklahoma City. Many cities have Taco Buenos, most of them are undistinguished from one another, and this Taco Bueno is no different.

My reason in mapping it is primarily the fact that I know about it. I simply have not explored Oklahoma City very much. I rarely go far from the campus. This isn’t because I don’t enjoy going places; I simply haven’t had an incentive to go anywhere. The only times I’ve driven more than a couple of blocks away from OCU (aside from my trip home for spring break) in the last several weeks have been when I have been to the 1910 Café, the Harkens theater, and also a mall—the name of which I don’t remember. On another occasion I drove around aimlessly for thirty minutes to find a place to eat, only to settle for a Braum’s close to campus after coming full circle.

Taco Bueno is the place off-campus where I spent the most time. It is very close, closer to my dorm than the cafeteria is. You probably know the atmosphere of Taco Bueno; this one is like any other. Nice enough, but nothing especially fancy. I thought, since I spend so much time there, why not make it slightly more interesting? The very fact that it is not especially exciting to begin with could provide this map with its own challenge and maybe with its own value. Some students might be making interesting places more interesting; I’m taking a less interesting place and hopefully making it more interesting.

Unfortunately, although I have written down some ideas, I have yet to start on the project properly. I was going to spend a couple of hours at Taco Bueno yesterday, but they were closed for undisclosed reasons. It seemed futile to start mapping it without being inside to look around. I was distressed by the thought of doing so and decided not to bother drawing anything until I could do so inside the building. That will have to wait until tonight or tomorrow.

In the meantime, here are a few preliminary ideas I had.


Portals or secret rooms behind pictures—I’ve never looked behind them, so they may as well be there.


Life-sustaining food, burritos contain magical properties, improving study skills by 65% among other things.


Secret passageways

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